Best Fish Fry In Rochester NY!

You’ll Love The Elmwood’s Fish Fry…..
Or It’s Free!

Welcome to the Elmwood Inn, purveyors of excellent food and spirits. We offer the freshest and highest quality Icelandic Haddock for our fish fry.

Do You Remember the Last Time You RAVED About a Restaurant?

“Once again your Fish Fry is the best in all of Rochester. All your offerings never fail to disappoint. Brought a friend from NYC who fell in love with the establishment and the food”      Lynne Miller Roch NY

“I really enjoyed the broiled haddock I had with Cajun seasoning. It was cooked perfectly” Cindy Crowley Rochester NY

“The battered fish fry & salt & vinegar fries were the BEST I’ve ever had!!!” Tiffany Passmore Rochester NY

The service was excellent. We were promptly greeted and seated. Our waitress was great. The fish fry is still the best around!  Anne Holdaway, Rochester NY

“My brother was visiting from Florida and was thrilled to find that Elmwood Inn has fish frys every night!!!!!! Way to go……” Julie Paylock Rochester NY

“There are so many wonderful menu selections it took time to decide what to order. I will have to come back frequently to try all the menu items that appeal to me” Elaine Leshnower Rochester NY

“I love the fish and salt n vinegar fries, the atmosphere is very relaxed and very comfortable. I stumbled into the Elmwood while my mom was in the strong hospital. I brought my out of town siblings and friends who also agreed that the Elmwood is a very nice resturant” Sandra Cashimere Rochester NY

“Fish fry was very good” Frank Barratini Rochester NY

“Fish fry was excelent – not at all greasy!” Ronald Skuse Rochester NY

“The fish fry is the best one in Rochester that I have ever tasted! I also really like the salt&Vinegar topping on the fries. Do you know if that is sold locally in regular supermarkets etc.? I looked but wasn’t able to find it. Thanks again for a wonderful dinner!” David G.

“Everyone in our Group made Comment about the Quality of thier Meal,I had the Fish Fry and it was delicious, and your portions are as they should be. My Bride is in a Food Management Position and Fully approves of your Resturant! Thanks” Brian Thayer Rochester NY

Fish fry is amazing when served with the natural cut fries (wish there were a whole plate of those, I love them). My wife tries something different with each visit but loves the quesadillas best. Drinks are great and the beer is always ice cold. My wife and I love the Elmwood Inn and usually select our Friday night dinners there. Great service from the girls as we get there before the “rush”, between 5-6 pm.”   Michael Fadden, Roch NY
“I came with two people from out-of-town, where “Friday fish fry’s” are never done. They were amazed by the size of the fish!” Katy Heneghan Roch NY


Fish Fry Rochester NY


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